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Some of the data sources available in our growing list of integrations

Create powerful dashboards, packed with features

Client reporting

Create client reports from your dashboards. You can change the colors, text, logo, and even CSS to match your brand. You can then share them with others!

Email and Slack Alerts

Track alerts, milestones, and anomalies in your data. You can set these alerts to be sent to your email, Slack, or custom Webhooks. Never miss important events again!

Dataset Joins

Bring your data together as one dataset. You can join data from multiple sources and create new columns based on the data you have. Like SQL but without writing any SQL.

Sharing and Embedding

All your charts and reports are sharable in Chartbrew. You can choose to share them with the public, with your team, or create secret links.

Team support

Chartbrew is better with all hands on deck. Invite your team to collaborate on your dashboards and charts. You can also assign roles to your team members.

Dashboard templates

Use existing templates or even create your own. With templates, you can generate and replicate entire charts or projects in a matter of seconds.

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Chartbrew has helped us move away from having to constantly update clunky Google-based charts, but what most impresses me is the responsiveness and the helpfulness of the people behind Chartbrew. Highly recommend!

Schuyler, Full-stack developer Fairchain

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