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Chartbrew dashboard editor
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Branding & Customization

You can add custom logos to your reports, change the background and text colors, and even the appearance of the charts.

Custom URL path

Edit the URL path so you and your stakeholders can easily find the reports.

Metrics of your choosing

Use the dashboard editor to add, remove, and position the charts in any way you want.

Live data from all your data sources

Your dashboards can be connected to any number of sources at all times

...and more are being added all the time

Create charts effortlessly using the integration editors

Familiar interface

Each Chartbrew integration is crafted so that you access your data in the way you are already used to.

Connect to MySQL and use SQL, or Firestore and use an interface that lets you browse your collections. Familiarity is what Chartbrew is going for.

Data request integration in Chartbrew
Chartbrew chart editor

Powerful chart editor

Once Chartbrew gets the data, you are introduced to the powerful editor to customize the charts to your liking.

Select from the different visualization options, colors, filters, formulas, and much more

Granular permissions for your team and clients

Chartbrew allows you to send team invitations to multiple people. The granularity of the permissions enables you to have clients, team members, and admins in your spaces.

The roles can be applied to specific projects giving you full control over who can access what project.

Granular permissions in Chartbrew

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Integrate Chartbrew charts directly in your own app

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It doesn't stop here

Tons of extra features for powerful dashboards and reports


Use existing templates or even create your own. With templates, you can generate entire charts in a matter of seconds.

Native queries

All connections support native queries. Write MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB queries like you would in their native console.

Excel export

You can always export individual charts or entire dashboards into an Excel workbook. Chartbrew also supports PDF exports.

Update schedule

Specify when your charts should update with fresh data from your sources. Chartbrew will then update the charts in the background.

Data filters

Chartbrew offers customizable data filters at the chart and dashboards levels. You can also expose filters to viewers on any shared chart.

More than charts

Chartbrew supports other types of views. You can create tables with sortable columns and KPI views that show clear metrics in your dashboards.

What people say about Chartbrew

Solid platform with an even more solid development team
Chartbrew has made our lives so much easier in the office by allowing us to sort through tons of reliable data into readable eye candy. The interface is simple to use and straightforward for even the largest datasets. Most certainly recommended by the company and a great thanks from everyone in the office that Chartbrew has touched.
John Chartbrew testimonial John, Software Engineer
It was very easy to set up
Chartbrew helped us collect and visualize data from the General Electricity Company Of Libya. It was very easy to set up with the integration of Strapi CMS and we are glad Chartbrew has our backs!
Moomken Chartbrew testimonial Taha Elsherif, Moomken organization
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