Chartbrew can integrate with lots of data sources to visualize data and measure the metrics automatically. Here you can find tutorials on how to use each integration.

How to visualize Heroku Postgres data with Chartbrew

In this tutorial, we are going to connect Heroku Postgres to Chartbrew, fetch some data, and create charts to visualize our data.

Visualize MySQL data with Chartbrew

In this short tutorial, we will show how you can connect any MySQL database to Chartbrew. Once we connect the database, we are going to write a few simple queries to fetch some data and create datasets to be visualized in multiple ways.

Integrate Google Analytics (GA4) with your Chartbrew dashboards

Integrate Google Analytics (GA4) with your Chartbrew dashboards and use our advanced query builder and chart editor to get the most out of your data.

Connect and visualize TimescaleDB data with Chartbrew

Learn how to connect Timescale databases to Chartbrew and create powerful visualization dashboards and reports to monitor and share with others.

How to visualize PrestaShop data with Chartbrew

Learn how to create charts and visualize your PrestaShop data to make better business decisions.

How to create ChartMogul charts in Chartbrew

Chartbrew offers a ChartMogul dashboard template that can be used to create charts almost instantly. This tutorial will show you how to get started.

Create your Strapi visualization dashboard with Chartbrew

Strapi is a headless content management system used by many businesses worldwide. Chartbrew can connect to its API to visualize and monitor data

Visualize and report on data with Chartbrew is the perfect messaging platform to keep users engaged with your product. Chartbrew can now integrate with to get data about customers and visualize it with beautiful charts and live reports.

Visualize your Firebase Realtime Database with Chartbrew

Connect to Firebase Realtime Database to create reports and visualize your data. This tutorial will show you how to connect and create your first chart.

Create your Google Analytics dashboard in Chartbrew

Learn how you can power up your Chartbrew dashboards with the Google Analytics integration. Get to know your data with Chartbrew.