Client reporting charts on a custom dashboard campaigns and customer reporting dashboard

Easily connect to and get insights into your customer and campaign data with Chartbrew's live charts

Client reporting charts on a custom dashboard

Select any of the visualizations already prepared for you

Advanced customer filtering

Chartbrew lets you filter your customers by attributes and segments to only address the data you need.

Everything campaign metrics

Chart metrics from the overall campaign or journey metrics, and even from individual actions or links in the campaign.

Always up-to-date

Keep your charts updated with the latest data by setting an automated update schedule. You can also refresh the charts at any time with the click of a button.

Sharing and Embedding

You can easily share your report with people outside your organization. More than this, Chartbrew allows you to embed charts or reports on any website.

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Simple to use no-code interface to get the data you need customer filters in Chartbrew

Use filters to get the data you need

You can filter the customers by attributes and segments. You can then use the customer data to create charts and get useful insights into your data. customers pie chart in Chartbrew

Visualize what's important

Chartbrew gives you the flexibility you need to chart your data. Select the visualization type you want to use and customize it to fit your needs.

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In-depth metrics for your campaigns

With Chartbrew, you can get all your campaigns metrics from You can get metrics for the overall campaign, individual actions, links within the campaign, and journeys. campaigns metrics and filters in Chartbrew

Lots and lots of datasets

You can add multiple datasets on the same chart. This allows you to get in-depth insights from a compaign or even compare the metrics of multiple campaigns.

See video preview campaigns chart in Chartbrew

Create custom client reports and share them with your team or clients

Make the reports yours with your logo, brand colors, fonts and more

Multiple dashboard support in Chartbrew

Power-up your dashboard with multiple services and database connections

Connect to all your data sources and start making sense of all the data scattered through your different services, all in one dashboard

Services connections in Chartbrew

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