Razvan Ilin

Razvan Ilin

I was allowed too much time in front of the computer as a child and now I inevitably like techy stuff. I also enjoy photography, traveling and I tell people that I know how to play the guitar.

How to create custom dashboard templates in Chartbrew

Replicating a dashboard for different clients has never been easier. This tutorial will walk you through how to use the new template feature to replicate dashboards or individual charts across your projects.

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How to create a Stripe dashboard in Chartbrew

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How to visualize your MongoDB data with Chartbrew

Chartbrew is an open source visualization platform where you can pull data from different sources and create insightful dashboards. With Chartbrew you can connect to your MongoDB database and create charts that tell you more about your data.

Dev Update - Chartbrew Beta 12 released

New KPI chart modes and easier deployment with Docker as part of Chartbrew Beta 12. Easier than ever to take Chartbrew for a spin ?.