Read about Chartbrew's business milestones and cool new feature descriptions. You can find bigger roadmap changes over here.

Chartbrew v3 - what's new

The new Chartbrew v3 is out after 6 months of development. Brand new design, improved UX, faster chart building, and many more updates.

Chartbrew v2 and beyond

It took almost 2 years' worth of work to get to v2 from the initial out of Beta in November 2020. The new version is a culmination of updates added to the platform during this time and a complete UI re-design to modernize the look and feel

Dev Update - Chartbrew Beta 12 released

New KPI chart modes and easier deployment with Docker as part of Chartbrew Beta 12. Easier than ever to take Chartbrew for a spin ?.

Chartbrew Beta 9 and the new Chart Builder design

Brand new UI, architecture changes, and multiple bug-fixes come together in this new Chartbrew Beta version which is the biggest update so far.

January 2020 Chartbrew Update

New chart draft feature, bug fixes and making the open-source project easier to set up? I call that a successful month. Let's get through all the updates

December 2019 Chartbrew Update

This month was super busy for Chartbrew as a lot of things were going on at the same time. Some highlights: embedded charts, pagination, and Twitch streaming