How to create API Keys in Chartbrew

How to create API Keys in Chartbrew

Chartbrew supports the creation of new API keys that will make it easier to integrate Chartbrew's functionality into other applications. This is a super short tutorial to show you how you can create a new API Key in Chartbrew.

Create a new API Key

First, make sure you have a user account, then click on the Account Settings menu button as shown below:

Accessing account settings in Chartbrew

From the account settings menu, click on the API Keys menu on the side. Then, click on the Create a new API Key button

Creating a new API key in Chartbrew

A window will appear to ask you for a key name. Feel free to add any name here, but make sure you can identify it later. A good rule is to add the name of the service you are planning to use with Chartbrew.

Enter a name for the Chartbrew API Key

After you click on the create button, a new window with the key will appear. Make sure you copy this code as it will be the only time Chartbrew will show this to you. Also, if you self-host Chartbrew, the code will be encrypted and cannot be retrieved from the database.

A newly created API Key in Chartbrew

That's it! You can now use this key to authenticate requests from other applications. The token can be used to read and modify data in your Chartbrew account, so please be careful where you place this key. If you are working with Git, make sure you do not commit the key to your repository. In a future version, Chartbrew will support more granular API Keys.

Next steps

What are you planning to create using the Chartbrew API Keys? Join our Discord and let's talk about it! Join other Chartbrew users in finding the latest tips and tricks about the platform, ask for help, or show us your awesome dashboards.