Automate your client reporting with Chartbrew

Chartbrew allows you to quickly create interactive reports that stay up-to-date with the latest data

Client reporting charts on a custom dashboard

Chartbrew is the perfect client reporting tool for your business

Granular user permissions

You can invite your clients to your team and set up granular permissions for each dashboard. Choose which dashboards each client can see and choose whether they can edit charts or export data.

Shareable reports

Your clients don't need a Chartbrew account to see the reports. Share your reports' unique links with your clients and they can see the data. You can even create password-protected reports!

Custom templates

Create templates from your existing reports and re-create them in just a few seconds. Lots of clients to report to? Hours of work is just a matter of a few clicks with Chartbrew.

Embeddable charts and reports

You might already have a website through which you want to present your data. That's not an issue! Chartbrew allows you to embed charts and reports on other websites or even directly link to individual charts.

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Manage multiple dashboards for your clients

Each dashboard comes with access settings so you can select which client can see which dashboard at any point in time

Multiple dashboard support in Chartbrew

Power-up your dashboard with multiple services and database connections

Connect to all your data sources and start making sense of all the data scattered through your different services, all in one dashboard

Services connections in Chartbrew
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